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1:18 p.m. - 2017-03-15
Being an adult(ish)
I doubt I'm going to update this very much anymore, just a warning. That's mostly because not only is nothing really happening in my life at the moment, but one day I might want/need an actual online presence, and unfortunately this diary just has too much teen drama to suffice.
I'll leave it up, obviously, because I will never care about someone seeing what nonsense I wrote as a teenager, I felt all those feelings and had all of those stupid opinions, and now I feel like I've grown up a little bit.
My work now is not so exciting, but one day, with anything like luck, it will be. Maybe one day I'll be so lucky xD
This isn't really goodbye, because we all know I'll come back sporadically when I'm writing and want to procrastinate, or when I'm supposed to be tidying my room (like now). This is just an acknowledgement that this is basically on a hiatus.


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